cant believe this

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damn thats where i go skimboarding its got a nasty strong current there.... how parents think its safe to let their kids play in there beats me...

I have been just short of waist deep and the current is very strong I turned back and I am a pretty good swimmer and have swam in rips and all sorts but nothing like that...

I real tragedy but a real hero.... none of this s**t about footballers hanging themselves... this is what makes a hero...



We all moan about silliest things in life an forget the strength an heart an soul of the human being this young man:no medal will reflect what this fella done.the word hero is said so easily these days but with this young man even 'hero'falls way short.if it was one of mine what could you say to his parents?thanking could never be enough.if there is a heaven then this man certainly wont need to knock.
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