Can I use my sand, cement and lime render as a floor screed?



Don't normally do any screeding.

I am going to be rendering the inside of this fireplace for a customer using a sand, cement and lime mix (picture attached).

They would also like to have the floor inside levelled with the skirting board (and I guess they will tile or something at a later date).

The thickness needed would range from approx 25-75mm.

Can I use my same render mix to screed the floor with? If so should I apply in 2 coats like render (3 days or so apart) or do the whole thing in one?

My render mixes will probably be 4:1:1 for scratch coat and 5/6:1:1 for top coat.

If using lime doesn't work, any other suggestions or guidance on the easiest way to level this floor would be much appreciated.



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4:1 to mix with sharp sand stiff mix not all sloppy and all in one go ..... some people might do it different