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Thinking about extending our bathroom on top of our existing utility room which is a single brick. Can you build onto a single brick?


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If your just gonna go on what's there then I wouldn't tell building control.
Unless your footings are deep enough to take the new extension they would make you under pin.
You'd need to do a trial hole to see what you got.
Not sure if it's available in your area but we have a company that sub for the council and they are a lot less strict but footings are something I wouldn't expect them to skimp on tbh
sorry, I thought you wanted to build a two story extension using just a single course of facing bricks, that wouldn't be smart even for a plasterer.
Again render wise you'd need either Ewi or internal insulation on the externals to meet regs.
Better off outside if space is limited.
They may want you to create a cavity with stud and insulation so looking at 100mm off inside easy.
No you can't, for all the reasons above about building control, but mainly because it will be unstable and collapse.

Is it to the side of the house and forms a boundary wall? If so you'll need to do it properly or if you or the neighbour tries to sell the house it will get messy without BC sign off and a party wall agreement.
It's detached so no issue with party walls. If it's too unstable is it a case of knocking it down and start again?
Could be a case of forming a cavity and bringing an internal leaf of blockwork up from ground floor footing/found and cracking on from there.
It's detached so no issue with party walls. If it's too unstable is it a case of knocking it down and start again?

Not necessarily, as @paulyg says you could build a second skin to form a cavity. That can be awkward depending on how old the existing is, what type of brick it's made from, getting ties into it for the cavity etc.

It's difficult to say without seeing it and the layout. Frequently it's quicker, easier and cheaper to start from scratch with the added bonus that it's more likely to be the size and shape you want.
even if you wern't building on top of this I think it's still a disaster, you could only build a 3 ft wall out of a single row of bricks.:muyenojado:

hope the roof isn't heavy or just made of corrugated plastic.
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