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I always fill my tapered edge joints as i go, only ever 4 or 5 ahead, never had any problems with shrinkage.
Had some steps to try and lose today so padded it out a bit with my first set, when i skimmed it with 2nd set it bubbled right up.

Same as and never had any issues. I can't see why it would make any difference whether you're one or two coating to be honest.
It happens to me when I either put it in too thick or being a bit lazy on the first coat. Try to put the first coat on neater or slightly thinner (bit hard if you one coating)


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I call them blebs its wot me dad calls them , u never get them on boardwork really , i would not fill them out with the mix before , just do it as you go , done the day before is a nightmare , miss a bit or not enough water on and sucks like **** and the rest is soft and well nightmare, i just fill the joints as i go when a come comes close fill it then keep hoyin On a few trowels full then over the joint
I just go over the wall and fill the joints just before I first coat, never had any problems with bubbling or blistering on any of the joints on plasterboard.
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