Bristol Intensive Plastering Course

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Hello everyone,

I have done a quick search through previous posts and not seen anything regarding adult plastering training courses in/around Bristol, so hopefully you have not answered this previously!

I am looking to do a week long plastering course in this area, I have seen a number in and around London but nothing local to me. I do already have a full time job but want to learn this as a skill and to help me re-do my new house on a tight budget.

Any advice and recommendations would be appreciated, for either evening courses or week long intensive plastering courses.



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waste of money mate.. most spend 4 years at college, so 5 days... go figure..


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@Adcar :RpS_thumbsup:


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Been doing it 7.5 months in and out of college and I think I pick it up very quick, still 7 months left and I might do a level 3 after that (another 12 months). A 5 day course will probably stop you holding the trowel upside down and what not but if its free take it.


Hi, I've done an intensive week long course, there ok for what they are, it teaches you the basics and depends on how quickly you pick things up, I'd quite gladly have a go at doing my own home after the course but it would take a lot longer than getting a time served plasterer in to do it. I'm now looking for a plasterer to go and work with to gain more experience


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Don't know of any intensive courses around Bristol, as you say most are around London. Gold Trowel would probably be your best option.
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