Bradford W Yorkshire - plasterer needed

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Hi guys,
New to the forum and not in need of a good plasterer to re-skin a 3 bed semi. Kitchen does not need doing apart from a couple of touch up's where I've had new wiring installed.

Based in Bradford, W.Yorkshire.



Haha......not a smoker mate,
Your op said not in need of a good plasterer.....then the bit about a touch up and wiring me all the way to
Yeah just seen that!! It was a long day and very close to my bed time when I posted... Lol

So what should a good job look like? I have a lad coming to mine on Monday whose been recommended but not sure what I should be comparing against.


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There's loads of bad posts to look at on here, done by chancers. Have a browse and you will lads posting nice work. Check it all out and get your comparison. I'm sure that someone on here will be near to you, and will be able to help.
Best of luck.


Another question, what should I be looking to pay (labour) for the whole house doing except the kitchen? It's a regular sized 3 bed semi.


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I'll help you too differentiate between a chancer and a plasterer:

First, he will turn up late, dressed like a bag of shite, scruffy, dodgy, he may even snigger at your opinion of what plastering is required.

The second one is a chancer


How to the above look guys? Sorry for the rotation being the wrong way round, happened when uploading to the site.