Bonding £££££!

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It’s a good vintage year so no Daft offers lads


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Bonding 60 is nice to use tbf,just not wide scale enough

Have used it a couple of times and seemed good. Most of the time I'm not in too much of a rush or just mix a bit of dirty water in if I need it to set quicker.

Been on this the last few days. Ceiling joists like Bay of Biscay, so had to bond out a lot of it.



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Well. Old boy working on his camper, doing up the body work. Also must own the jag as he's constantly lifting the bonnet and doing something to it. Apparently, him and his mrs live on the drive in the camper. Must be his sons house. That van has a trailer on the back with a mk1 golf shell on which arrived yesterday.

Not one to gossip, but...