Bloody chippies (part deux)

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read an old one about door liners bein 10mm proud...
Thing is everybody used to use 3x2 sawn for studwork, which meant 2x1/2 inch boards gave you 4"
That meant a 4 1/4 door liner was perfect...
Nowadays most people use cls... The kiln dried, regularised, straight, round corners stuff?
This generally comes as 60mm when 3x2 is ordered...(cos its planed its EX 3x2 u see)
so..60+25=85+6 for skim=91mm NOT 107mm or 4 1/4"
or 90mm is supposed to be 4", still 10mm short so a 5 1/4 liner is still too big
They do make an mdf door liner to fit...
Never been able to get a standard 12 quid softwood doorliner @91mm though...
I usually end up rippin em down or double boarding one side
Dunno bout newbuild sites these days though....most of everything is double board for accoustics now innit??
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