big things happening at PFT this year

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I've got a old type one when they let me buy the new one it up for sale . They have totally changed the body of the old g4 and also made a screeding g4 lots of added extras .


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Talking 'other' machines then, anyone got one of those heated blade thingymibobs for cutting Polly?


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Is it ritmoised at all? I mean still a g4 on paper but given the 'front end' as it were like the common design theme running through vw's for example. That's what I like about Pft....they react to the marketplace and are constantly improving and innovating. Their ritmo programme has left other brands standing still. Makes the likes of the m100 look like a Cold War relic tbh. Shame the other manufacturers don't strive more.


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The LB version will have a helium filter attachment and you can fill a 8 ft balloon and walk it across ground where poor access is the problem
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