Best suited plastering course.


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When I taught at college I had the assessors in to monitor/check my teaching method - theory was the first lesson that morning, the day before the boys had left a FOOKIN mess in the practical workshop! The assessors found a comfy corner to sit in, my opening comment to the boys was "who hear thinks I'm a w**k*r?"
At the end of the lesson the assessors must have thought I was 'outstanding' as they said I really managed to get the boys full attention...memories

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Lol, only just seen this as not been on for a few days. I did 6 weeks at goldtrowel and although cant comment on other courses (as ive not been on them), gold trowel were really good...not all small bays, I did sets up to 25 sqm and the tutor was always pushing. What ever you do good luck...pete has a point about needing some back up and I still ring him sometimes with a question after a year and a half