Best Plastering Companies


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Hi everyone I'm 19 and I'm half way through a 3 year apprenticeship and I'm currently looking for different plastering copmanies for when im fully qualified but im having a bit of trouble as most of the ones here (Liverpool) are one man band types. Anyone know any good companies to work for in the North West area?

Any suggestions welcomed :)

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Try the pink plasterer shes based in liverpool were are you based shes a fellow female plasterer might be interested in adding another girl to her team


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Mike Adams, I am sure they are Liverpool based. they do carry out some interesting work.
jess the plasterer she is in that area.


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Katie working for a one man band is possibly better than working for a big company you won’t get used and abused as much and will have more one to one time


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The big companies will offer absolutely f**k all trust me lol the only benefit they may have is you either get stuck with a decent spread and maybe a little more regular work apart from that you’re a number x