Best 2 coat system for jointing


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It's a three coat system but have seen rough guys around here doing a heavy first coat of joint filler finished with a heavy coat of joint cement. Looked like s**t though


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Gyproc promix lite ready mix imo is good, Gyproc also do bagged mix yourself compounds with different time sets which is worth a look at depending on job and area you have to do.


Cheers for the replys used promix in past as don't do it that often was wondering if there was a dedicated 2 coat way


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guy i work with does a really neat first coat over the tape with a hard setting compound then a neat coat with his curved drywall trowel, his work is always perfect and i never seen him have a come back. In fact he did my downstairs of my house and ive not seen anything i dont like in the 8 years i been here