belle promix 1600e ?? Good or garbage??

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Hi everybody (Hi doctor nick)
my trusty Perle's mixing drill has died after over 10 years of faultless service and now need a new one?? I've been looking at these belle ones as the cement mixers are always good. its a minefield out there and some mixers priced at £400 + are out of my price range.
I'm new to the forum and thought you guys may be able to give some advice please?? Cheers Marshy:RpS_biggrin:
I got one from screwfix last week £160.....................cant go wrong for that price.................:RpS_thumbup:
we have a belle , a refina 1800w. and a couple of bosch paddles. the belle can do the job but it is a little bit slower.
thank you. I've seen them at screwfix and cheers for the info. Greg

i did change the paddle that came with it and put my old paddle on. New paddles have a habit of ripping ya mixing drum and leaving bucket shrapnel in the skimming....................:RpS_thumbdn:
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