Beads stuck on with dab? Render

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Hi, pretty new to rendering got a small outdoor building to do over breezeblock the bloke stuck all beads on with dab really tight aswell? Will render fail on top off dab, should I redo them? Many thanks


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I can only speak from experience, I have twice had to rectify work where beads had been stuck on with board adhesive and had failed. So for me it's a no. I don't know why someone would do this


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Where the adhesive is - I think they go black/mouldy. Someone posted a photo on here a few years back.

Even though it was rendered over and weather resistant, mould appeared on the blobs where gyproc adhesive must have been used.

The Hobo

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There's a few that still use dab,
It's bad practice though I redid a job This year that had failed after 10 years Using the wrong beads and bonding to stick them
seen loads in Scotland bonding and neat cement the vermiculite expands and blows it to bits/went to repair a 5 sidied bay all the soffits where done it it was ringing wet

Chris W

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all this sticking render beads on shizzle.... ive always drilled a 6mm hole stuck a red plug in and banged a galvo into the plug? sit em where you want then? prime example was a canted arch i did years ago still got the pics wish id taken some of the beads.. brickwork chopped all over the place... set you beads right an its piss easy then? stick external beads on with gypsum?? f**k**g stupid imo


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My old gaffer used to use dab for render beads :ROFLMAO: and I have once years and years ago never had a call back, would Never use it now, tell him the risks of it and if he's happy for you to go over it and it fails later on its his fault not yours.