Bauwer or Renderlite


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I came across the forum looking for info on alternative render and finish to renovate a terrace property instead of the regular sand and cement method. Its mainly small walls and a little patching, not a big job. Please go easy on me as I've not done any major plastering work for over 20 years, and would therefore like to try some new products. Having looked at using more breathable materials, Bauwer Light and Renderlite seem to be recommended often for older buildings.

From what I've read on the Bauwer website, it seems a little long winded system with primers along with meshes for the finish. I've not really looked at Renderlite properly yet. My question is where's the best place to buy Bauwer or Renderlite and which is the better of the two? There doesn't seem any stockists local to me in the Northwest, or many online and I only need a few bags. Unfortunately Bauwer don't seem to like answering emails ... suppose I could phone, but this is the internet age after all :)

Loving the wealth of info in this place, any advice welcome.