Barrelled Reveals

Afternoon chaps , just like to find out different methods of curved reveals “barrelled” Looked at a job the other day although I’m not going to do it as it’s a big project . Would like to know your take on them . At the moment it’s all boarded square around all the windows , thete isn’t much to play with , so appreciate they’ll have to be cut back & bonded possibly freehand ? I have heard of a plasterer who used some drain pipe & rolled it with that . It’s just for further projects really , I once was taught with a supermarket bag with a with a little insulation in it scrunched tight either end of the bag and run up & down the reveal once the plaster was going off a bit , it was to give it a rustic look in a cottage . Look forward to your replies . Thx


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it may be possible to produce the shape with a coving trowel, if not you would need to cut a template as all the reveals must be the same.


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As malc said do a template,ive done a full house before.i boarded say half way across the reveal and plumbed it up then ran my template up when floated the face if you catch my drift