Ban the racists


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@smoother09 thats you fked for going to games.
Ban the racists
And you clearly started this thread to try cause a stir! Mentioning me! Your a slimey snake for that!
Let's make that clear from the start of this thread Stuart is trying to make it all about me folks!!!!
Busted! So try dose it down with a funny caption or emoji!
Don't play mind games with the master of mind games :cool:
Dose fk all down, it was clearly a joke. The amount of times I’m tagged in your shtie you need to learn to take it back.
You was one of main people tried getting me off the forum for my views towards Muslims! Then tag me in to this racist thread
Makes you wonder!
All he had to do was come on at the end and put the ball in the net. f**k**g idiot. On way too much money and an ego to match
I was very disappointed at rashford. Paid all that money to miss...

I remember it happened before at the player got destroyed but that was ok then
I can’t get my head around how he misses a goal. Then his 2 team mates n all.

Those who own these tech companies view Joe Public (regardless of skin colour) to be a lower species than them.

of course they don't care if Joe and Joanne Public are tearing shreds out of each other.

"Divide and conquer" + "Ordo ab chao"

Keep propagating division.

Keep propagating confusion.

Keep propagating fear in the masses.

Keep propagating dissatisfaction (increases consumerism and therefore corporation profits. Also increases profits from cosmetics, fashion, cosmetic surgery, pharmaceutical pills for depression, etc.)

And the very same tier of people that own the tech companies also own the media, so they print articles like the above, pretending to be righteously indignant and shocked, and pretending they care, when really they're just stoking anger in the public who read their contrived nonsense. They love stoking the flames of unrest with that kind of shite article, like a matador waving a red flag in front of a pissed-off bull.
This supposed obligation to police the behaviour of their members is laughable - they might claim to be morally responsible, but claiming it and really having sincere motives are 2 very different things.
Brad pretty plasterer from Folkestone in the s**t with an offence video online anyone know him? Doubt he will get any work locally now his local pub has banned him etc