Bad day in the office!!!


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f**k me what a mare of a day!!!

Simple job and proper made a feck of it decent room all pb bar ceiling Matt paint to skim...

Well f**k me dunno what happened to the lid the skim just wouldn't go off I'm sure it was nearly 3hr and that was after laying in with same gear as Well....

Banged 3 walls on all flat no ripples,lines, hollows etc but just didn't look right cant explain in what way but just not normal pink lol...

Oh and why do jobs always got to tits when you least need them to for a foooookin engineer!!!

Today I was fooooookin shite!!!!


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f**k me what a mare of a day!!!

Only had 4 small walls in a high hallway and every one went off different and some went off diff top/bottom due to height (no air movement at top). By time one oclock ticked I saw sense and abandoned the idea of getting another set on. Finished early...

And...(wtf) patch on one wall bubbled up like I'd dropped rice crispies in the mix. No bloody idea why as everything was prepped the same and using same mix.

At least I had the sense to back off this time. Usually I keep going and end up trowelling in the dark.


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Had a flash set today, went so quick I didn’t even wash the bucket out after I finished coating on. :rayos:

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f**k sake its just f**k**g plaster for f**k sake . f**k christ s**t . Get a few different trowels that would help haha .

I blame heat makes plaster play funny buggers
I did a ceiling on friday and it looked weird... as you say it just hung about and the texture did not look right.... it has dried and looked great and it was painted today and looks even better