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hello every1, just found this site and it looks ace.
i have been plastering for 5 years and have 1 labourer with me who is semi-skilled
just a bit of advice or general discussion about a job i just priced-
3 bed semi, artex staircase, skirtingboards off ect. Full works
i thought this would be better to rough over artex walls reboard downstairs ceilling and rough upstairs ceilling as this is curved, as the artex is thick and getting painted after work is complete therefore this would get better finish.
then skim the full staircase.
would take 4-5 days approx
i know the guy quite well an done work for him before so i put price in of £900.00
£100=materials approx
rest for me.
just rung me back and he had a price of £250 for the lot and said if i could match that he would give me the job.
i usually work on site on day rate and drag £660.00 b4 tax so this is way too cheap for me.
also i have had alot of this of late where ppl just dont understand or want to pay for the hard work, time, effort or skill involved in the trade we do.
please tell me if im overpricing myself here.


he's just tryin it on...
I'd be chargin £300 per room skimming, dust included.
overboarding a ceiling depends on the job (whether theres a joist at both ends, round chimney breast, is it lath + plaster, are the joists secure and sound, is the existing ceiling sound?) i'd want 300 a day with a labourer
landing i class as a room, same for downstairs hallway, throw the stairwell in with the upstairs.

I'd give the guy your number and tell him to take his £250 quote....then when it all goes tits up he can call you to come and put it right ;D

if youre gonna bond everything youll create a load of extra work for yerself, u sure u cant scrape it back and put it on thick?


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i have always charged cheap and got all my jobs, i was happy as i still got better money than i was used to etc..but lately i have thought sod it why should i kill myself to earn money for someone else.

suprisenly i have not got two jobs but hey i dont need them so im not bothered, i hope the cheaper person does crap job lol

stick to your guns mate there will always be someone cheaper but he will need you sooner or later.

I have had this before when I have quoted for jobs.

If some one has used you before they know your good.... I think my response will be " snap his hand off but keep my card if it needs putting right"

When he calls you back its £1500!!



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cheers lads nice to talk to a bunch of plasterers that are not all "i bet im quicker than you" an "i can put 300m2 on a day"
i am good friends with the customer in question an like i said i have done work for him before, but this was 2 years ago when i wasn't as confident
so i charged £150 for 2 large walls.
but times change u get better as u progress plus i have labourer to pay and like u say tomcat why kill yourself.
last 3 jobs have been same, think half the problem is because i am only 21 an look it but have only ever been a plasterer since i was 16, people must look at me an say to themselves "only a young lad bet he will do it cheap" when that is simply not the case anymore.


Halls are a bloody night mare at the best of times, never mind doing it for that kind of money, i agree with everyone else, if other quote is genuine let the other monkey do it, customer will regret it cos no good plasterer would do it for that, even mates rates! Get a gyproc floor scraper and scrape artex till semi level, first coat of multi make it quite thick so you can get plenty on to cover artex, second coat as norm. Sweet


4-5 days work JESUS you should be up about 1500 to 2 thousand m8y
what i dont understand is why you quoted so little in first place ? whats your m2 rate ? :)


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fao regi
dont really price that way on private jobs usually charge by the day £150 for me £50 for labourer so your lookin at 200 at day for us both, an usually get 3 gauges on.
plus if i charge too much i have no chance of gettin jobs as the village i live in must have 20 plasterers theres 5 on my street not includin me, so the competition for private work is very high.
IMO £900 to rough and skim an artex staircase with a curved ceilling upstairs an to board downstairs ceilling is a very good price, if he wasn't a friend it would be £1200 perhaps. but i just cant compete with £250.


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No not at all. I spend a lot of time sitting down and pricing jobs. I always break things down and work out how long things are going to take me then I add materials and the labourers money to the price. Once you worked a price out and your satisfied that its reasonable then stick to it. I've had all this in the past with people coming back with ridiculously low quotes by other plasterers. Also be careful that the guys not calling your bluff and that he's just made this other quote up. Recently I priced a job for £975 to do some work in a kitchen, the customer comes back and says to me £800 and its yours because they've had a cheaper quote. I thought what a cheek and for some reason, don't ask why I negotiated and fixed the price at £850 and got the job. I've shot myself in the foot because the jobs now going to be tight to make my profit. But I agree, round my way I find no one wants to pay the money us plasterers deserve. Keep hearing about other spreads that are pricing really low and I just won't compete with all that. We all work hard and are entitled to a good liviing!
I would leave that job if i were you, you get what you pay for and by the soundsof it for £250 he'll get a crap job. :cool:


wholly molly m8y 5 spreads in your street :( you ever considered moving ? tbh i whole heartedly agree that the pricing game is not easy .however i just cant get my head around everyone undercutting one another who actually benefits from this ???? maybe start a topic on that note ;) if this guy says he can get all that done for that price let it go m8y .and tell him youl be the stated price to fix his xxck up ;)
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