Artex! how do you do yours?

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Question for you, what is the preferred method of tackling artex on ceilings and walls? Mate of mine reckons straight over boarding “don’t mess about” however another bloke I spoke to reckons blue grit + bond + 2 multi!??


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straight over boarding “don’t mess about” or blue grit + bond + 2 multi!??

Often, you can get away with option 2.

But, the question is: do you feel lucky?

The safest (but more expensive) option is #1.

Then again, if you turn out to be less lucky than you thought, Option #1 might actually turn out to have been the cheapest, after all....


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Depends on the artex fan. Some can be skimmed over others need a base coat then skim and then you could over board the lot. The choice is yours


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I'm doing a big artex staircase walls and ceilings next week. No problem.. Had a dig and all stuck well. Scrape the lot. I'll beeline seal then pva and skim.