Are any modern renders suitable for a solid brick home?

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Title says it all really? I've been told by a specialist that i need lime render on my victorian town house but i can't get a quote that is anything in the realm of affordable.

All £30k plus .. Its a big house but there is no way i can afford anything in that region.

It's currently going badly blown 40 year old cement render on it and all the associated damp problems :(

I understand why Lime has been suggested, due to the breathability, but are any cheaper option suitable? surely someone has developed a modern render for old solid brick houses?



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30k is a realistic price to scaffold out your whole house remove all render provide skips and 3 coat lime render.
You will hear of others using pre bagged nhl lime renders as a cheaper alternative but on this age property in my opinion is not the way forward. Depending where you live you would get that money back on the value of your home. If in doubt remortgage


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Can you post a few pictures of the house please , I have rendered a fair few Victorian houses with a Weber system you’d be fine I think


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here's some pictures....

We've had quotes for things like Krend in the 15-20k region, but then all the quotes for Lime where in the 30-40k region.

I really don't want to put the wrong thing on my house but we have a lot of external work (replacing windows, guttering, facias and soffits and i have a limited budget. i want to get it all done at once, with one set of scaffolding if possible, but i can't afford 30k for the rendering alone.


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Have rendering prices gone up in the past 5 years?

We got some quotes about 3years ago and they where around the 15-20k mark for Modern Renders (although granted i didn't really think much of the 15k one he seemed a bit of a cowboy)

in the end we had to put the whole project on hold because we knew the other bits that needed at the same time as the rendering and we simply couldn't afford it all and i'll admit i had a meltdown having been told by this specialist i needed Lime Render not a modern one, especially when those quotes came in at over £30k.

We really need to get this done the damp inside the house is really bad now but the top end of our budget for everything we need is about 30k but that needs to do everything.

I thought with guestimate of 20K for the render (based on the old quotes) would be enough... but all the new quotes we ve got today/yesterday are around £25k for the rendering alone and that doens't leave enough money left for the rotten windows or leaky roofing :(

Getting quite upset about it now, i keep saving up the money and when i come back to it and all the prices are different and it's still not enough.

Not to mention all the plasters i speak to insist KRend will be fine, but the surveyor told me i needed Lime ... im not an expert, I just want to make sure i'm doing the right thing.. it's hard to tell if KRend or similar will truely be ok or if they are just trying to get the work and don't care about the long term effects.


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In my opinion It seems lime rendering is the best spec for your house with it being a victorian house that is suffering with damp, personally if it was me and I was pushed for cash I would get the windows and roof done and whatever is left from the 30k I would get a loan to make it up to enough to get the house a rendered and once all these jobs are done you haven't gotta stress about them in your lifetime again only if u get a cowboy haha


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You would be wasting your money on krend you may as well leave it as it is and half the pre bagged nhl renders on the market contain cement so i would stay well clear of them too. The price of render has gone up in the last 5 years just like every thing else im afraid and with the current situation and mass inflation a job like this will only go up and cost even more next year.
Looking on the bright side your lucky you dont have a timer frame full of rot as this would a hell of alot more. It could always be worse!