arch window`s on lime render job.

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how would u guys finish a arch head on window that is to be finished without a bead?i`ve got a idea but is nice to get other opinion`s on it.thanks.
Cut fom ply, cut it 12mm smaller than the back edge of the window jamb, fix in level over face of scratch, float out return, let it pick up a bit. Take away template and render face.Rub up all together.
Heres one i did earlier
gonna start calling you Blue Peter Ross...............looks mustard marra.........:RpS_thumbup:
thanks for reply`s.what would be the best way to fix ply to underneath arch.its brickwork so hit and miss with fixing it.i was gonna dab small square`s of plasterboard under neath,give it 24hrs then screw the ply to that.render the face of the wall,then take off ply a few days after then render underneath.thats how i do my arch`s,although i have 19 to do this will take ages!!!
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