Anyone's kids into plastering?

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My 3 and a half year old is obsessed with my job!

When i wake him up for nursery in the morning he askes about what I'm doing today etc, and when i do a little evening or 1 set Sunday job he always got to come with me.

Helps me carry the tools in, sets the radio up etc its lovley ahaha!

Thinks its nice myself that he's so into it, there's so much crap on tv that he could easily be dragged into , but instead he's into anything I am.ahah!

Always wants a pop on the trowel too!

My 12 year old wants £25 to take his girlfriend out on thursday. Told him he best come to work with me tomorrow. He's keen now, we'll see what he is like at 6 in the morning lad was like that at your boys age and I used to let hem have a play troweling up with the midget trowel and always come with me to fetch materials at the wknd...

now his 10 he just fekin grunts at me like a teenager and asks how long will we be as wants to go back home to play on his xbox...

im guna have last laugh as hes soooooooooooo thick at school im defo guna end up owning his ass when he leaves school!!!
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I used to go with my dad when i was about 12 then i started with him properly at 17 its a good thing i was miles in front of lads my age but its not all rosey especially when your a teen and early twenties and you think your the dogs! Arguments we had god!! Bless him i lost him 2 yrs ago but got some very good memories!:RpS_thumbsup:
I done my training with my dad loads of arguments I think he was just gutted I choose the same mad trade as him lol
Have a look what standard of living you have, nice house /area etc... thats what plastering has got you, do you want the same standard for your kid ?? if you have done well, then yes.. if you live in a dive, then no.... everyone wants their kids to do better than them I guess...

When my lad was ?? ... about 18mths??? ... we're at home in the spare bedroom where I kept a spare trowel. I was so proud when he instinctively picked it up and walked to the wall and started trowelling the wallpaper!!! I thought "Yes... go on there my son" but he's since gone on to a 9-5 office job with holiday pay, a pension, women colleagues and some sort of career progression.
Id like my little one go into a building trade to be honest.

Or something practical at least, mechanical, engineering, conservation anything like that.

Its not just the work, a lot of the time the people you work with and meet makes it, all the same sort of minded people, have a laugth, take the piss and that.

A few of my mates are In offices and cant even breathe without getting a ear full....

But who knows he might end up being a pole dancer for all I know, as long as he's happy I guess haha!
I first went with my dad when I was 3 years old, have pics of me sat in the back of his van amongst the bags of plaster, I used to love it. I'm now 33 and been a plasterer since I left school, the trades done my dad and me ok in life so I'd happily bring my kids into it if that's what they wanted
If any of my kids become a plasterer then you I've failed as a parent,like my dad failed me!

My family must all of failed as parents then , my dad .... My grandad ..... And my great grandad ..... Lol ! From all the storys though they all seemed to have canny lives !
My kids have absolutely no interest, I almost wish they did. I'm kinda taking it as a slight on my name. My 7yr old wants to be a train driver or marine biologist???? Who had even heard of one of those at 7?! And my 2yr old seems to want to be a dog!!!
I would not want an office job at all... all that office politics... yeah no thanks. ..

I wanted to spray cars at college but was ripped into by my old man for even suggesting it...
Never wanted my kinds to follow my footsteps, for all the ups there is just as many downs. Took my son in twice with me, once in the winter and once when we did a massive spray, on the last day he said dad I think I'm gonna have a crack at uni! My job is done lol
Was told growing up that I would never get into this trade...turned 17 and was hauled off to the workshop to start haha.
I have a good life.
My dad does
Grandad does
And great grandad did.

Plastering trade has served us all very well and tbh couldn't imagine myself doing anything else.
I have a daughter, so she wont be plastering.. and to be honest, wouldnt push a lad into this nowadays,
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