Anyone using these trowels?

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Haven’t got one but follow level 5 , they have great flat box set for tape joint and the handles on those trowels moulds to hand if they are same ones
I’d buy one to see


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Again is so weird oli posts there we can get there tools no problem and marshalltown yet curry and Bon just don’t seem interested in uk at all which is bonkers , honestly think they would take over here if they did


Never heard of Level 5 before....

Be interested to hold one in my hand as a picture is great but not like feeling how balanced it is


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Hi people new member but not to slinging mud. I been looking at this brand or trowel

Up here in Canada everyone using mostling curry, nela and marshalltown . I have Marshalltown and curry. Just wanted everyones opinion of this brand. Cant seem to get much info on them.

I bought one very similar to these a couple of years ago.

It had a cork handle for half the price of Nela so for around £20 it's a bargain.

I think it was branded Härtwig or something.

Looks exactly the same.

I'll try and find the link.