Anyone used these ?

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Has anyone got these ? Got a low ceiling to do, can't kick crate about as its got old carpet down, too tall on stilts.


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Alot of sites don't like stilts,let me tell you health n safety would laugh you off site with these


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Don’t think I’ll ever bother with stilts but it would be nice to be able to walk and cross trowel a ceiling.


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I have plastered loads of ceilings wearing these now :D

I did a ceiling a couple of weeks ago and it was 116m2 (2 of us) I was on these and my mate was on a hop up. He was up and down like a fiddlers elbow while I glided about :D

I have never got on with stilts but I whizz about on these no bother.

The straps on mine are about shagged but I am not worried as they can easily be replaced.