Anyone in south wales way?

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Looking to keep myself occupied. I did my level 1 and got half way through the level 2. Financially, the 30-40 minute college commute was killing me. I've also done basic and level 1 carpentry.

I'm confident laying on skim, but I'd appreciate learning from somebody in real working situations.

I've had a go at a ceiling and then skimming the family friends bathroom. I'll include photos. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a bullying contest :)

I appreciate my work may not be good but it was a vast improvement from the guy who did it last and the owner was very happy. She was happy to have flat walls. I realised I put the skim on too thin on the ceiling with the skim ever so so slightly showing through but you can't feel the tape it's flat. Also the key I left with the marshalltown scratcher left a few marks. I think I may chop a few teeth off it or get a new one.

Does anyone have the time to let me learn with them or do some work experience a couple of days a week.

I'll be genuinely honest in saying I have some form of ptsd, much I can do but keep myself busy. I do have private prescription for cannabis. I'm open to meeting up and talking in person.


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