Anyone handing out chances?!

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Anyone feeling festive since its nearly xmas willing to give a 24 year old college student a chance, 2 days a week at college arent enough i need real life practise, someone must be feeling nice enough to take a chance and help! Located in newcastle area too!


Artex Boy
Im not going anywhere mate im far to loveable for someone not to benifit from me :lol:



Royal Spin Doctor
Maybe its the internet ruining our gifs though and here you bunch of tyre kicking f**ks someone give is a job for xmas or am not sharing no more of me amazing banter on this shambles of a forum..

Listen Sunshine...while we appreciate your banter skills, you should know that people are watching.

Bad people.

Very bad people.


Listen pal they can continue to watch in silence, and if and when they do pipe up and it isnt to offer is work.. then my chubby little companion we shall see.