Anyone ever had trouble getting paid from site work?

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if i was in your situation i wouldnt do the job, if you have heard from people you trust that he has ripped people off then you have your answer. the stress you will get chasing him will suck. if you have any back up work, even lesser paid thats a better option. honestly 99% of the time you know what to do, so go with your gut instinct mate. lifes too short to have to deal with arseholes that dont respect what we do.
My mates been paid tho...and some of the guys on site who actually WILL talk are saying hes paid them too.

We are thinking of changing to day rates....doing what we can this coming week then frikkin off.
no, it is weekly payments or we would not start . we do not finance builders thats the banks job. at the moment we are turning away work every week.but i can see that you are having it tough up there.
i know of one essex plastering contractor who will go bankrupt within the next month as the building contractors have gone bust last week owing them thousands of pounds. why take this risk ?
which firm is it malc

Did the work and got paid cash :RpS_thumbsup:

Job and off at one o'clock today.
Frikkin LOVE sitework.
2 weeks , dont risk any more than that there is to many idiots about who will take the piss, you might not get paid for months !!!
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