Anybody else gone quiet at the moment?

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s.p.t plastering

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Or is it just me?... i thought it may have been cause of the half term break?

But a few people have put jobs back leaving me with nothing at the moment.....Just a few bit patching jobs and stuff..


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just had the k rend put back a week but got 3 weeks after booked up... rare to have more than a month of work in diary booked in mind, more like 2 weekly.


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yeah who else is on their own? im a lone ranger, only come together with lads if its aa biggy or client wants it knocked out.... most the time im alone.

who else?


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Busy busy.
Fed up of it to be honest....I hate having no work and I hate being busy!! WTF!!


Hope you get some nice work soon mate.

Use the time to give your mind and body bit of a break...every cloud.


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After starting up again on my own this January I have had 3 lots of work to do.
This week I have picked up 5 estimates already so things are definitely on the up. Lets hope I get them all. Can't stand any more daytime TV!
I have worked it out. End of January, Feburary, March busy. April quiet easter holidays or people spenting money on their gardens. May, June, begining of July busy. End of July August quiet, holidays. September, October, begining of November busy. End of November December begining of January quiet, Christmas.
Thats how it seem to work for me. The trouble is the quiet periods seem to be getting longer.


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we picked up 48 flats somewhere today on top of everything else weve got to do so i think things are definatly looking up, from what i know we are the busiest weve ever been


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yep i was quite , but as soon as the sun shone it whent mad three jobs in all wanting to start straight away ffs , i hate it when it goes like this , i would just love them to come -in one after another for a change .
it's ether feast or famine :-(
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