Any one know of any damp proofing courses?


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If you want to get into damp proofing email a load of company's and see it you can get a start. A lot do in house training. Otherwise the PCA run technicain training courses. There is also an NVQ level 2 qualification.

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Its easy, just walk into a house say 1 wall per room is damp but say you have to hack off the whole downstairs walls 1.2m high and inject some magic stuff witch apparently will create a damp course then render the walls in waterproof s&c then skim.

Or other option

Say it can be completely cured by put 15 vents in each room to encourage airflow.

Also the 10/15/20/30 year guarantee will only last as long as the customer sees the back of the van.

I don't it for 10 years nearly mate most of it is bullshite. All you do is push the problem in another direction. Basements are a lot more involved but so many products and information is aboit now it doesn't take much to get it right.

Also if you use sovereign, permagard etc products they will provide a guarantee against there products failing if used correctly.