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whats your preference for size trowel for laying on and do you use the same for trowelling up or have another for that?

cant decide if to give a refina SS trowel a go or stick with MT, also refina seem to be selling MTGoldSS trowels for about a tenner cheaper than other places... bargain or beware? and whats their service like if youve bought from em?
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Marshalltown all the way... I use a 13 and a 14 for laying on however I do have a 16 which I love to use on boardwork
Its better on board because it is wider and I had a slightly bigger hawk which meant I could really load teh trowel up and get more on. The only time I used it though was on price. However a big trowel does put more strain on your wrist so I prob would think twice about using it.

In the end you prob gonna find a lot of people will have their on trowel preference, I would start with a 13 which is a happy medium and over years you just pick up trowels and then soon everyone will have its job.

I know a lot renderers like to use 10 and 12 inch trowels....


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I got 2 x 14" mts. use one for everything and the 2nd one is for breaking in, only use on s+c.


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Use a 14 by 5 inch Marshaltown for all stages of skimming, tried other brands but just end up back with my Marshaltown


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Ive been usuing a 13" tyzack stainless for some years now. What I will say I think useing a carbon trowel will produce a better finish for some reason .
Carbon steel gets a lot sharper than stainless as its a much softer steel I think.... which is why carbon does give a better finish... not that I have ever noticed though


14x5 stainless marshalltown for skimming, 11" marshalltown for small patches and chases, 8" stainless marshalltown midget trowel for tight areas, 11" carbon marshall town for scraping the floor i have a tyzack think its 14" but not a very wide blade on it so its just sat in the garage.

the old boy who i work with has used 11" all his life and swears by em


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i guess its a toss up between getting the best coverage laying on and trowelling up that comes from a longer trowel and the stress on your wrist when using it.. horses for courses and all that. Reckon ill just stick to my 14" SS MT for now.
I have to say... dont buy something if you think your going to use it the amount of money people waste on tools that look good is unbeleiveable... I use to spend a fortune on tools :)


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I bought a MT preworn gold trowel and found it is a little bit too bowed for my liking the heel and toe are a fair bit off the wall so it just sits in my tool bag hoping to be mistaken for my skiming trowel.
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