am i the only yank?


Nope there are a few knocking about :)

Welcome :)

Do you do much plastering over the way bit of the world?


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Howdy skim daaaaawg! Nope there's the guy who works in Paris .... aargh someone help me out! What's his name? Nice bloke


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Welcome along, there are a few American chaps knocking about on here somewhere!! @Loren is one of i remember right and from the West coast i think and also a guy from Texas


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yall see the guy fixing the wall that had a coat hook board on it..... had no skills and did demo with a brush....... we call that a hack in the states


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@Heritage Plasters is Usa , he linked me up with ordering all my curry trowels from America, top guy , think he was or did order a speedskim too from U.K. highly recommended , and probably the first guy in USA to have one if he did

Yeee haaah



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do companies hire international like they hire state to state in the us? I mean like to travel for work?

Heritage Plasters

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Welcome Rendog,

There are a few of us Americans here. I'm from NY but live in NC now. Nice to get plaster ideas from Europe since info and tools are a little hard to come by on this side of the world. Not impossible, just harder.