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Alrite lads, been lurking for a while now so thought its time to join the banter, my names gaz, from sunny stoke, been spreading 16 years, currently working for a local building company doing mainly insurance work but looking to go self employed next year once me weddings paid for. Thought id pretty much got the game sussed until i joined this forum now im buyin superflexes, plazzi's, speedskims the lot, drivin me mrs mad spendin money on tools! Anyway look forward to having a laugh, learning a few new things here + there + see wot other new tools i can buy! Also before anyone asks, its called a handboard! Lol!


Welcome buddy, your in safe hands now your mrs will be even more pissed off with you now cos you won't be off this lol. Ps hawk!


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Welcome along bud :RpS_thumbsup: Nice intro, commiserations on the wedding :RpS_unsure:

Hawk :RpS_sleep:


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Now then, welcome..

I guess you've started off on the first off on the three rings of marriage.

1. Engagement ring..

2.Wedding ring...

followed by...

3. Suffer-ring :RpS_thumbup:

BTW, it's hand-board, a board that sits on the hand..


You wouldn't get much plaster on one of these..

plus they tend to bugger off when they see something tasty..


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