Alfra – Eibenstock Mixers From Plasterers 1 Stop Shop

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Alfra – Eibenstock Mixers are now available from Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, these plaster mixers are seen by many to be the best on the market and a lot of plasterers are using these mixers and the reviews over the internet are fantastic so for Plasterers 1 Stop Shop to be stocking them is a great thing in my eyes.

Alfra - Eibenstock Mixers From Plasterers 1 Stop Shop - Plasterers News

I would highly recommend the Alfra Eibenstock mixer, I had the 1200 watt one I think for nearly 10 years before it died on me it worked hard mixing finish undercoat and dri wall daily! Tried replacing brushes but still had loads of meat on them not sure what the problem was but only had 1 switch replaced other than that no problem and reliable for 10 years. But I must say have replaced with the other Refina Eibenstock mixer which parts some parts are compatible and my old man has had for over 20yrs with a couple of switch changes.
i am going to purchase one in the morning for the same price. but i can see that the photos that have been put up on this site are of the old design of handle.
Bet the twin one is a bitch too keep clean!??? I have the Alfra 1800w and its brilliant they knock couple of bags up in no time at all and I prefer these handles to the megamixer ones.
I think the handles are the only difference if you look at other power tools Alfra stock all similar as to Eibenstock.
Had mine since 1998 mm30 1800watt two speed soft start.
Get the quick change connector 000201
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