Airlessco sl1250??


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Think time has come to think about airless plastering,arthritis in my elbows constantly giving me gyp after years on the trowel,and occasional rubbing..
Been increasingly more interested and going to give it a whirl,it suits my work situation too that we are getting in at mo.
I really don’t want to buy the top end graco mk5 and turns out not really for us,it’s a suck it and see looking for an entry level machine.
I was looking at the sl1500 but don’t seem to be many second hand,then this popped up...would this do it??...,any advice would be grateful..says it sprays block filler,acrylic and solvent based products,
Liking the look of the jub premixed range of airless plasters so this I’d say is what I’d plump for...

anyway,cheers lads/ladies


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Spec says it will spray up to 43 thou. Should do it easily. Usually use a 35thou too for airless plaster


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Thanks your reply mate,

what’s the 43 or 35 measure?? Is that maximum delivery??

like I said all new to this ;)
It’s the size of the spray tip in thousandths of an inch. Typically, you’d use a 517 for emulsion as it’s finer. The 5 is the fan size, and the 17 the size of the opening.