advice please, re plastering over an already skimmed and beaded plasterboard

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advice appreciated regarding the plastering to an already plasterd section of plaster board, its been done badly,its beaded and it has a reveal.
my question is what is the best approach here please?
does the beading need to come off ? then reaplied, a bit more prouder than before, or is there a trick any experienced spreads have?
its being re skimmend becouse the finnish is not good.
many thanks in advance.



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You can put a new bead on top unless there is no room on skirting! Apply thistle bond it prior to skim or worse case scenario hire a plasterer


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Doesn't sound a particularly expensive job. I'd recommend getting a plasterer in. Why not post your details, or some pics so we can better advise (although not much could be added to Johns advice) bloody love pics on here :D


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As john has said and also how do u think u will get a better finish than whats on there ? Have you plastered before ? I wouldnt waste my time if i was you , doesnt sound like a big job so not to dear , plus then u will have a good job like you want ? Or as it may have sounded in your post u may be preping it for somebody else ? Just let them do it , its a minor bit work the prep to a person doing it day in day out
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