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Hi looking for some advice on expansion bead placement on roughcast k rend. I have used Krend b4 but never rough cast with it. Any advice would be great


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If its a new build the brickys should have an expansion joint in the block work, its either every 3 or 5 metres can never rememeber, if you are going over an older property you can really just split panels up however you want. Well thats what I do with traditional sand and cement roughcasting I assume k rend would be no different


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If there's no expansion joint in the background then there's no point in putting onein unless you absolutely need something to work to and in that case put it wherever you want.

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Hi Hadley, if you contact our K Rend's Technical Sales Consultants they will be able to offer you advice. You can contact them on 028 2826 0766.
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