Advice needed please

Hi all! I’ve started ripping out my kitchen and have come to remove the tiles and the plaster has blown in a pretty large area. The bottom third of the wall seems solid but above this is falling off in large pieces. There’s no damp, but the old fan was roughly in the centre if that could have been a long term cause or maybe just the age of the render/plaster. It’s an internal wall- shared by a neighbouring house. The wall will be mainly covered by new units with a tiled area in the centre. Cost wise, is this better to be patched up or dot and dabbed given it will be mostly hidden behind units? I’ll be getting a plasterer in to to do the walls and ceilings, but not sure if I can patch/ dot and dab to keep costs down just in this particular wall?I appreciate opinions on how best to have it repaired!


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Piece of piss for a decent spread - that crack needs sorting and they are red bricks which suck like fukc so want soaked. Hardwall or sand & cement, not d&d.