6mm boards


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Been using them today. How flexible are they meant to be?

They don't want to bend and snap a lot.

We're boarding a barrel ceiling that curves through 90 degrees over 1200mm.


They do bend indeed, but you have to be patient and do it slowly to give the board time to adapt. Also screws about 100 mm ish and make sure you complete the line from end to end before you start a new one.


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Cheers marra. I didnt have the patience lol.

I've cut the backs and snapped them round.

A few bags of bonding will sort it

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What's that ?

B G glass roc F. they are very thin sheets of fibre glass that you can bend to any shape. they have imprinted half crowns to give you adhesion for the skim coat. not cheap, easy to fit and skim.


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Are you using G-Tec contour boards? They will go round fairly tight radii.
If you need to pre bend them, place a block or something heavy about a metre from the wall, and put the1200mm end against the block. Then lean them against the wall. Should do the trick.

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