4 f**k**g screens and second phone. Would you recommend


The Lake Governor
Sick of fuxin choclate phone screens.. another one today that a total of 3 smashed ...
Genuine part oled screen £195 to repair ..
From Asians in fone shop
Have you ever considered stopping being a clumsy c**t?
If you were to stop I'm pretty sure that you'd hardly ever smash another phone screen.
Your welcome


Royal Spin Doctor
grave GIF
I stayed at a gravediggers house once. I was best man at a wedding and it was him that put me up.

If I asked you to draw a gravedigger, you'd probably draw something that looked like him.


Royal Spin Doctor
You were the best man that he could find ?
He was the grooms mother in laws boyfriend.

The groom later told me that he believed that the guy would profile as a serial killer and he made me stay there to stitch me up.

I tried to turn up to his wedding with a Mr T haircut to get him back but the hairdresser bubbled me to his wife