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Random job today fitting some gates and security posts!


Already got the curtain twitchers and neighbours hassling me...feel like a traffic warden! Any way, used to the abuse bring a lowly turder! :aburrido:
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Just wondering how much of this is going to be left once the 'strip out and assess' is done. :X3:


Oh, and admiring some old school plastering, daub at it's best. Got to be 'matched and patched' I haven't told @Nisus yet though. :sisi:



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Oh ffs hope it ain't that cow5hit and straw mixed with my feet again :cry:
Oh, I thought you'd stopped visiting the forum. :oops:

Anyway, I'm not a plasterer so I haven't a fcuking clue what's in that. It looks like sticks, straw and mud/clay. :wtf:

It's not a problem though, I told the owner and conservation officer that the "heritage and traditional plastering expert was arriving tomorrow. You'll be fine, just bring a clip board. (y) I'll be outside assessing the timber frame :descansando: