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Been asked about a job in a tower block on the third floor. Customer tells me the ceiling keeps cracking. Its been plastered a few times in the last couple of years. Guy tells me the cracks just keep appearing, some quite wide. He got a surveyor in and he told him the only way to elimate the cracks is plasterboard the ceiling? As there is movement in tower blocks I told him that if there is movement the joints in the plasterboard may crack... I didn't think they plasterboarded concrete ceilings in tower blocks, always thought it was float and set

I would have thought you could scrim the cracks, nice thick coat of bonding with K-Rend mesh carefully pushed into the bonding and skimmed?

I was just after a 2nd opinion on the best way to do it. If I do go ahead with plasterboarding then its probably drill the ceiling and run battens and board ceiling with upto 5mm gap between boards for movement and maybe use Gypsum joint tape instead of scrim....cant use resillent as its concrete ceiling.

....Beddy I want your input on this one..
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Tell you what ive been thinking of doing is just offering a free advice service to all my customers telling and showing them how to do the job that way they dont need me!!! Oh wait thats basically what you want everyone to do for you :-0

Sorry to sound a **** like but at the rate its going every fool is gonna be walking around with a handboard and trowel soon thinking there a plasterer


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its called a handboard in my neck of the woods aswell, hawks are them birds. :RpS_thumbup:
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