20x5 finishing trowel worth it???

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20x5 finishing trowel are they worth purchasing or should keep to the normal size plastering trowel for walls n ceiling do the bigger speed up work please help


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dont think they speed the work up but when i used one i got tennis elbow real bad, gave it away after that,, i would not use one again


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Using one for years but the Refina one and you can finish with them no problem, they are quicker coz you doing less strokes.
Sounds like a wrist breaker to me

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Its not ready yet :)

I am only testing and tweeking :)

Also Apple is dragging its heels :-( Fees and all sorts everywhere at the moment :-(

I will announce it as soon as I know :)

I will try and film my screen so you can get a sneak peak :) but I have to say it is awesome :)
At the moment it will only be available on android because the process is a load of shite..... I am trying to get my developer account approved which is only the first hurdle..... Must be about 2 weeks I have waited just for that alone.. :-(


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They are useful for flattening and for spanning from one bead to another on columns and such like.
They aren't any quicker, although you'll take less strokes you won't whip the trowel about as quickly as when using an 11in trowel.
IMO neither long or short trowels are best it's just personal choice, I'll stick to an 11in trowel for the vast majority of my work but there's always a 20in carbon steel trowel lurking for when I think it'd be advantageous. In fact used it a fair bit the last two days.
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