20 Year old, Looking for experience and work in Plastering (Birmingham)

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i am a 20 year old young and motivated labourer looking to get into plastering. For the last year I have been working on many jobs as a labourer for a few different agencies, in this time no doors have opened for me...I am someone who is looking for a trade to learn and enjoy, i am a can do person with a can do attitude who wants to use my skills and knowledge and progress myself into the plastering industry.

Since i came back from working abroad in Tenerife, i have realised that times and getting hard, and i need a career and skill behind me, i am looking for a skilled plaster who is willing to bring me into his work and show me the ropes, i have previous experience as a plasterer, screeding, beading, bonding, skimming. And would love the opportunity to learn more and progress myself.

My biggest downfall is i don't currently drive, and i need the experience and guidance and financial assistance to get my there.

I am willing to do a weeks worth of labouring for free for anyone who wishes to train me and give me a trial,
I live in Birmingham (kingstanding) and currently hold a CSCS card, i do have experience in other trades if needed.

If anyone else has any advice or job offers, or ideas into how i can get into this exciting trade please message me, or email me at danieljamesward2009@hotmail.co.uk, if you would like to contact me personally through mobile or person please message me,

i shall thank you for any advice and messages received, thank you

Daniel Ward.


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Alright bud:RpS_thumbup: good luck to you, get yer driving licence as soon as poss :RpS_thumbup:


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welcome to the forum and good luck with finding work

lots of good advise on the forum to help you along.
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