1900's solid brick wall. lime or plasterboard?

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Hi, i've got a house built in 1905 so no cavity, lime mortar, lath and plaster celing etc...

Parts of the house have been plastered by plaster boarding over wooded battons leaving a gap to the bricks. Front room needs redoing but heard that these type of houses benefit from lime plaster allowing the building to breath. The house has a suspended wooded floor with air bricks, but the chimney has been removed in the bedroom so now surely not as much ventilation as when the chimney was intact. Its had a dpc injected some years ago, and recently had a small area replastered using board and a damp plastic membrane.

Anyway, worth getting lime plaster or dot/dab or batton plasterboard?

Any help gratefully received


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Is be inclined to stud out, insulate and board it with vapour-check. It will be worth insulating.


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If you want to go down the lime route you could try lime and hemp for a good internal insulation system, but it's expensive.................


Thermal board is really good.done loads of it to stop condensation mould on walls with no cavity,you can get it in various thicknesses,I usually dot and dab it straight on the brickwork and put as few fixings in each board .worked every time so far.
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