120 degree angles help

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havnt been on here for a while,, hope every 1 well.. any advice on how to skim around this would be gratefull. thanks

also i used to be known as skyzoo, my user name must of changed back when the site changed

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skim the to sides first , cut back the over spill when it firms up , then skim the middle section , cut back again and run a wet bit plastic on the angle to tidy it off .
the plastic will follow the shape with a bit of force.. an old bank card sort of thing will do the job...
You can use 3mm stop beads on each angle this will give you a sharp crisp angle , the trick is to get the stop beads to sit flat on the angle.
Did one of these a few weeks ago.
I layed on the middle section then ran the toe of the trowel up either side to remove excess.
Same for 2nd coat.
Then did the flat walls & run toe of trowel up the middle section (which had set) to remove excess, also keep a small wet brush handy :RpS_thumbup:


yeah good skills nisus,, well done.. fancy driving down to cardiff do that bit for me.. haaaaaaaaaaa
Nisus you could have made good the cornice LOL

Where mate?
Oh you mean to the right of the pic on the bay ceiling?
That's painted timber architrave around the bay ceiling
the hole was where i'd removed a length of 3x1
I put some easifill in before i left the job i did another 2 rooms after that one :RpS_thumbup:
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