110v mixing drill to 240v socket?

Burt Reynolds

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Is it safe to get a 110v plug adapter to a socket to use on a mixing drill or will it risk potentially destroy the circuits?


Royal Spin Doctor
Well yes I know a transformer lowers voltage that's what I use daily but what I'm saying is I there a way to swap it around with a stupid heavy block
I think I see. You mean something like a phone charger instead of a big yellow box?

Dunno. Haven't seen one.

Burt Reynolds

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Is it that much of a struggle carrying a transformer out of the van?
My transformer stopped working recently borrowed one of my friend but was wondering about getting something like this just in case rather then getting two blocks minimalising weight and space in van


Cheers mate
don't fancy buying a 240v identical version of my mixing drill sick of carrying my 110v block around lol wish there was a way around it
You can use the rolex or omega Gaz! Turn the bezel 11 o’clock and off you go ! I think I saw it on you tube...... you stupid c**t! :hueco: