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    Fibre Cement Board Bathroom Ceiling Skim

    I know this is the DIY Plastering forum, and not the cement board forum, but I’m hoping someone can offer some advice regarding cement board for a bathroom ceiling. Some Background I’m creating a shower room which I’ve timber framed to make square and allow for interior insulation. I’ve also...
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    Plastering in bathroom issues

    Hi We are doing part wetroom, rest part tile and paint. ie fully tiled in shower area floor to wall. This has the Hardi backer or cement boards. This is perfect for the tiling area. Now the issue is that some of the other area we want to tile half way up and rest paint to the ceiling. the...
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    Waterproof plaster for wetrooms

    I love the look of Tadelakt, but it looks too dangerous for a DIY-er to attempt. Is there another kind of waterproof plastering method that gives the same kind of seamless look that a novice could do (or could be applied by the guy whose doing the regular plastering round the rest of the house)...