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    Drywall on waterproof paint

    Hi, Looking at putting drywall adhesive onto a bricked wall which has been DPC injected and coated with 3 layers of waterproofing paint. The last coat of paint wasn’t blinded with sand. Does anyone have any advice on how to get the drywall adhesive to stick to the waterproof paint so it can be...
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    Tanking / waterproofing method

    Hello, this is my first time posting in this site after using it for information regularly over the past year, so go easy on me. I am renovating a 1930s ex council property in South Wales. It’s built with cavity wall bricks and the walls inside are mainly black mortar, but in good enough...
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    Waterproof plaster for wetrooms

    I love the look of Tadelakt, but it looks too dangerous for a DIY-er to attempt. Is there another kind of waterproof plastering method that gives the same kind of seamless look that a novice could do (or could be applied by the guy whose doing the regular plastering round the rest of the house)...
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    Does anyone know where you can buy or order triple strength medusa waterproofer or something equivalent please? It's for a rising damp dpc. Cheers