1. M

    Crack re appears on breezeblock external wall

    Hi I have a breeze block external garden wall (bordering the street) which is around 2m high and has a couple of cracks that keep appearing no matter how much I fill them. I'm thinking of stripping the wall down to the breeze blocks and adding extra vertical expansion beads, (some are already...
  2. J

    Help! Blue spots coming through white paint?!

    Hi all, I need help! I’ve recently moved into an apartment building and blue spots have been appearing through the white paint in my bedroom. I have no idea what they are. Can someone please identify the problem and tell me how to fix it! It’s driving me mad! I’ve attached a photograph. Thank...
  3. A

    Dodgy bag of uni finish?

    Hi all, I used a bag of the new 'tried and tested' uni finish on a painted wall, only about 5m sq, but as I spread the plaster it took almost straight away and within 2 minutes it was near gone off, I had to spray it down to flatten it just 5-10 minutes after I applied it, the second coat hung...